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Brazil campus: International finance discussion panel

Published on 29 March 2021

Master in Management students at SKEMA's Brazil campus in Belo Horizonte participated in an online roundtable discussion with BDMG, the Development Bank of Minas Gerais, as part of their International Finance, and Corporate Social Responsibility courses.

March 25, all M1 Master in Management students currently on the Brazil campus joined Professor Mônica Carvalho, head of the MSc Corporate Financial Management on the Brazil campus, and Professor Rafael da Matta, associate professor of finance at SKEMA and co-director of the PhD programme in Business Administration, in a roundtable discussion, which was part of the International Finance course. The name of the roundtable was: Social Impact and Financial Results through the Lenses of Financing Agents: an International Outlook. The goal was to provide students with an opportunity to learn about how financial and social impact are considered and measured by financing institutions such as the BDMG, which is an economic and development financing agent.

Vinicio Stort, the executive director for risk (CRO, Strategy, and Operations of the Development Bank of Minas Gerais - BDMG) was the keynote speaker and guest at the event. He spoke about his experience at international financing institutions (the Interamerican Development Bank and the New Development Bank), describing the rationale of development financing and the importance of combining social and economic impact to accomplish these organisations’ missions. Moreover, he shared modern techniques of measuring social impact, a pressing issue involved in their activity. Professor Carvalho and Professor Matta prepared questions exploring different perspectives, connecting practical experience shared by the guest speaker and the topics addressed in two courses that the students are currently taking: International Finance and CSR.  

According to Professor Carvalho: “Understanding and implementing socially responsible conduct is currently a key issue for organisations. More importantly, reconciling the need to provide adequate return to investors, while acting responsibly in their ecosystems, is crucial for the long-term sustainability of all organisations. We believe our students, who will soon be global citizens, must reflect upon these topics and be fully comfortable considering, discussing and taking decisions that are not only reasonable business-wise, but also promote a true, global conscience”.

Want to know more about the projects on international finance at SKEMA's Belo Horizonte campus? Send an email to the campus dean, Geneviève Poulingue ( or to the MSc Corporate Financial Management director, Professor Mônica Carvalho (

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