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Build an app in two days: a tough challenge at the No Code Hackathon

Published on 13 October 2021

On 16 and 17 September, SKEMA and the Wild Code School set the first year Grande Ecole programme students a challenge: to build a website or app using a no-code approach.

​In a very short space of time, 250 M1 students from the PGE were required to design an application or website on the theme of sustainability, using tools that eliminate the need to master the mysteries of JavaScript, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS or TypeScript, seen by many as abstract and obscure. This approach to web and app design is coming into its own in organisations. "No-code is a fundamental trend in business today, and firms are increasingly looking to recruit people who can use these tools," said Camille Faure, director of the MSc in International Marketing & Business Development. 

Support from mentors

During these two intensive days, five mentors were on hand to support the digital natives as they worked on their projects. At the end of the Hackathon, the students were evaluated by their peers and by their mentors. Ten teams were selected as finalists. "The judging panel consisted of the Wild Code School, SKEMA academics, alumni and even some students whose businesses are being incubated at SKEMA Ventures," said Maria Olmedilla Fernandez. 

Lille lifts the trophy

The winners were a 100% female group of students from Lille. They created an application to identify a safe route for lone women who need to travel through unsafe areas. A mini-map helps users to find their way around and call for help if they need it. 

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