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China: MSc Marketing students visit Tongcheng, meet investors

Published on 17 November 2020

Tongcheng Group is China's largest online travel project investment company. Its subsidiary Tongcheng Capital is an angel investment accelerator that comprehensively accelerates early projects from the perspective of "strategy, capital, resources, contacts, and team" from the standpoint of joint creation and is committed to cultivating and aiding dream-making founders.

October 28, SKEMA China students and Professor Yuhong Zhao were welcomed at Tongcheng by the IT project director Ms Sakura of the Lingcheng University, learning and social platform for entrepreneurs and managers created by Tongcheng Group. The students, accompanied by Ms Sakura, visited the exhibition area of Tongcheng’s entrepreneurial history. 

Finishing the introduction of the Tongcheng Group's entrepreneurial history, Keyan Liu, a Tongcheng management trainee (and who is also the founder of HungryPanda, the largest Chinese takeaway platform in Europe), shared her past entrepreneurial and employment experience with students. 

Afterwards, five groups of students from the MSc International Marketing and Business Development explained their entrepreneurial ideas with two investment managers from the Tongcheng Group. These ideas are their final projects for their course Developing New Business from Idea to Market course. During the informal chat following, they had more in-depth exchanges.

Ms Sakura explained: "Tongcheng Capital has been paying more attention to early excellent entrepreneurial projects. Today, five groups of students showed their exciting entrepreneurial ideas and teamwork. We look forward to more high-quality entrepreneurial projects that we can cooperate on."

Video: Tongcheng visit

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