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Conference on digital disruption in the banking sector by SKEMA's Innovation & Knowledge Cycle

Published on 30 April 2019

During this event, SKEMA’s Prof. Dhafer Saidane and TagPay CEO Yves Eonnet will present their point of view on banking innovations under the influence of financial technology (fintech), with Africa as an example.

​Fintech companies were almost non-existent in Africa five years ago. Today, they are almost as widespread as in Europe. Trusted third-party digital companies are replacing institutional third-party companies. Africa needs funds and lenders.
Digital finance is vital for inspiring the confidence currently lacking between different parties.
The lecture, which will be in French, is taking place on 21 May 2019 from 8am to 10am (Networking coffee session from 8am, conference from 8.30am) at SKEMA’s campus in Paris La Défense - Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci - Esplanade Mona Lisa - 92400 Courbevoie.
Admission is free, but registration is mandatory.

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Professor Dhafer Saidane manages the MSc Corporate Financial Management - Digital Finance and FinTech programme taught at SKEMA’s Paris, Lille, Sophia Antipolis, Suzhou (China) and Belo Horizonte (Brazil) campuses. In December 2018, the programme received an award for education and innovation in finance: Grand Prix de la Formation et de l’innovation en Finance de Lille Place Financière.
Prof. Saidane also coordinates for the OIFD, an observatory for international sustainable finance, and the SAB trophy for sustainable finance. A member of the Tunisian economic analysis council, he is an adviser to the professional organisation Club des Dirigeants des Banques et Établissements de Crédit d'Afrique and consultant for the United Nations regarding financial issues in Africa. He is a scientific adviser for the Techniques Financières et Développement journal (Paris) and a columnist for the African Banker magazine. He is also the author of Banque & Finance en Afrique: les Acteurs de l’Emergence (Revue Banque), a book he wrote with Alain Le Noir, adviser to the president of Club des Dirigeants des Banques.

Yves Eonnet is the CEO of TagPay, a fintech company he co-founded in 2005 which developed the first digital banking system. He was the director of innovation at Gemalto/Schlumberger for 15 years where he worked on the adoption and implementation of chip cards for Visa and Mastercard, among others. He is a regular guest at international conferences in Paris, Las Vegas, Nairobi and Marrakesh. He recently co-authored FinTech, les banques contre-attaquent (published by Editions Dunod) with Hervé Manceron, the COO of TagPay, in which they explain how digital technology will completely revolutionise banking.

SKEMA’s Innovation and knowledge cycle (Cycle innovation et connaissance) conducts 12 lectures every year for companies to help directors, entrepreneurs, executives and managers decode economic, digital, social and environmental transitions and provide means for action. The 2018-2019 SKEMA Innovation and Connaissance programme develops the theme of disruption from a wide range of viewpoints. Lectures of 1.5 hours include theory and references to stimulate reflection about means for action.

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