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Dialogue: Careers Centre events where students meet alumni


Since the start of the academic year, over 20 graduates have returned to SKEMA, sharing experience about their jobs with students.

From watchmaking to finance and sales, purchasing and project management, our graduates talk about their careers and open up a wide range of career possibilities for our students to think about.

Organised by the Career Centre and SKEMA Alumni , these meetings, known as “Dialogue”, contribute true added value for students’ career choices; students can get to know more about their intended career path and project themselves into the functions currently exercised by SKEMA graduates.

Instead of a traditional lecture format, the students and graduates meet in groups (from 10 to 60 students) during which graduates talk about what they have done since leaving SKEMA. They talk about their jobs, give advice and answer questions simply and directly. 

Philippe explains:
"I was able to discuss my career and tell them about what we do every day inside the company in terms of management, accounting and cash flow. We also talked about auditors and chartered accountants so that they get an idea of the jobs related to company finance. These first year students asked very relevant questions". 

Or Anaïs:
"I talked to the students about my job in purchasing that they don’t know much about and which has been expanding recently to respond to companies’ new needs. This friendly get together enabled us to discuss their expectations and give them some new information that will help them think about their future – and hopefully encourage them to take up these exciting jobs in purchasing and the supply chain." 

From Sophia-Antipolis to Paris and Lille, the next “Dialogue” sessions will take place in February 2017, presenting careers in finance, sales, commerce, business development, entrepreneurship, consulting, project management, information systems, logistics/purchasing, e-commerce and digital business. 

The teams from the Career Centre and Alumni would like to thank the many graduates who came to these meetings as well as the programme directors present, especially Anke Middelman, Paul Gardiner, Régis Delafenestre and Peter Spier.

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