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January 2017, SKEMA received official support and funding of €95K over three years from the Fondation Egalité Mixité (founded by Axa, Engie, Michelin and Orange) to set up actions promoting workplace equality.

These highly successful equality workshops are part of this plan.

The equality workshops are held on the three French campuses (three workshops per campus per year). They are aimed especially at students in M1 and M2. Based on collective intelligence, the workshops allow students to discuss with researchers and representatives of the business world and work together on questions of workplace equality and the means needed to achieve it in managerial or entrepreneurial terms. The workshops enable active and collaborative thinking about these subjects. 

On Tuesday 16 January, the second workshop took place on the Lille campus. Over 40 participants, students and professionals, worked together on issues of management practices and equality. Emmanuelle Mioux and Judith Vieille, from Epices et Chocolat, led the debates at a distance, sharing their own experience of consulting with firms on matters of equality. 

The participants discussed three key management situations: recruitment, interpersonal relations within a team and equality statistics from a comparative report. 

Both students and professionals were impressed by the high quality of the discussions and shared the opinion that sometimes progress is very slow and much remains to be done in the domain. 

Don’t miss the next equality workshops on your campus: in Lille 20 March 2018; in Paris 6 February and 7 March 2018; in Sophia-Antipolis on 8 February and 27 March 2018. 

These workshops take place in French, but depending on demand, they could be offered in English. They are open to everyone and will deal with managing diversity and communicating without cliches. 

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