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Espero Com Camille Murris project launches an online funding platform

Published on 04 February 2019

The ‘Espero Com Camille Murris’ project, whose objective is to provide aid to the Tecendo a Vida shelter for disadvantaged children in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, so that it can accommodate twice as many people, was launched in homage to Camille Murris. SKEMA’s humanitarian association HOPE, which is sponsoring the project, launched an online campaign to seek donations to help the shelter continue its work.

The online campaign, launched on February 5, aims at raising €7,000 towards making Camille Murris’ dream come true, and passing on her smile and her devotion to others.

Camille Murris, a SKEMA graduate in 2012 and former active member of SKEMA Business School’s humanitarian association HOPE, was among the victims of the 14 July 2016 terrorist attack in Nice. To pay homage to her and promote her values, her parents entrusted the HOPE association (Humanitarian Organization Promoting Equity) to complete one of the projects that was particularly close to Camille’s heart: providing help to disadvantaged children in a country in South America.

Once the campaign in complete, the project will allow the number of places available for children in the shelter to be doubled. This year, the money donated will be used to start the construction of the first floor of the building.

All donations will go towards encouraging and motivating people to fight for these disadvantaged children in Brazil.

To participate in the online funding: click here.

To find out more about the project and latest news, click here.
To find out more, please contact Thibault Trouche, the manager of the “Espero Com Camille Murris” project at HOPE.

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