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Conference: Ethical Management of AI, US campus

Published on 23 November 2020

[Raleigh campus] At a time when algorithms and the power of artificial intelligence models are governing more and more areas of economic and social life, ethical questions are arising.

SKEMA partner of the conference “Ethical Management of Artificial Intelligence, a French/American Dialogue” - November 9 & 10, 2020

​How should our digital world be run? What ethical principles should guide thoughts? How can we implement and encourage the development of good practices? What answers can worldwide academic institutions provide through their research work?

These are all questions that are in the news. They were be raised at the Franco-American conference on November 9 and 10 titled “Ethical Management of AI, a French/American dialogue”, in which SKEMA Business School was participating in conjunction with FrenchTech Raleigh-Research Triangle (North Carolina).

On this occasion, Mélanie Graham, a professor at SKEMA Business School’s Raleigh campus, moderated one of the debates on the ethical dimension in the development of AI. A panel of students will was also invited to debate. Among them, Leo Garcia, a student from SKEMA’s Global BBA programme in Raleigh, put forward his point of view: “The uses of AI (war, privacy and facial recognition, etc.) raise ethical issues. It is important to talk about this and discuss a framework with guidelines that can help us better ‘control’ new developments in this field,” he said.

This event, organised remotely by Georgia Institute of Technology and the General Consulate of France in Atlanta, associated SKEMA Business School and French Tech Raleigh – Research Triangle, as well as several other leading academic institutions and their research departments: Emory University Center for Ethics, Georgia Tech Ethics, Technology & Human Interaction Center, the Research Center “Law and Social Change” of the University of Nantes and the research programme DataSanté. The event was also supported by the Office of Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States and the Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in the United States.

Contact: Amaury Jacob, SKEMA Raleigh campus 

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