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Executive MBA: interview with a student


This article is an interview with an EMBA student, Allan Kent  Jørgensen, who is also managing director and co-owner of Metier in Denmark.

Explain your current role

Allan: I am the managing director and co-owner of Métier in Denmark, and I am strongly involved in the overall strategy process. I manage the business and I am in charge of building close relationships with our client base.

When did you join SKEMA?

Allan: I joined SKEMA’s Executive MBA programme in January 2015 as one of the oldest students: I was 51 years old when I started.

What is the most interesting thing you learnt from your Executive MBA?

Allan: I was very excited about starting the programme as I had already worked as an executive for a while but had never had the opportunity to enroll in a Master’s degree. In other words, I had a lot of work experience but I wanted to build up my academic credentials. The most exciting part has been to compare and challenge my years of professional experience to theory brought to life by top-notch professors from around the world.

Having a more-than-55-hour per week job and on top of it attending an Executive MBA programme definitely makes you learn your limits and helps you develop time management skills. This has been my greatest personal achievement and a huge motivation throughout the programme.

How has SKEMA’s Executive MBA made a difference in your life? In particular, your career path and leadership journey?

Allan: Claiming that the MBA changed my life would be somewhat of an overstatement, but it has certainly changed aspects of my professional life as well as my on-going quest to become a better leader and person.

Throughout the course, we were constantly exposed to themes relevant to our companies and of course relevant to ourselves - both as individuals and as professionals. One of the most informative of these themes was the Leadership & Multicultural Project Environments module, that I enjoyed attending.

As a part of the module, we worked with different self-assessment models such as the Leadership Diamond® and the Myers Briggs MBTI. The purpose was to obtain a realistic picture of ourselves and to identify the strong and weak sides of our personality. As part of the assignment, we were asked to interview our bosses, peers and subordinates. From my point of view, this has been of great value to me in my constant search for self-improvement.

After submitting the assignment with the results of the interviews, I disclosed the results to the people whom I had interviewed. A couple of days later, a colleague came to me and said:

"Allan, you have been my boss for a year and a half now and I wanted to let
you know that since you have started your Executive MBA, your management
skills have significantly changed for the better - I just thought you should know."

What else could you ask for? 

Thank you, SKEMA

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