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5 years in the US – SKEMA marks Raleigh campus anniversary


SKEMA USA is celebrating its fifth birthday. To mark this occasion, the director of the school, Alice Guilhon, gave a press conference in Raleigh on April 6th before an audience of journalists on the course and future development of SKEMA.

The SKEMA director pointed out that the school is among the 1% of management higher education institutions that offer a multi-site experience: "Our value proposition is very different from other business schools because we offer something more than simply exchanges for our students. We are the only legal entity located in the United States and China without local academic backing – we're independent. We are also the only major French business school to be able to issue a visa to our students coming to stay on our sites."

Alice Guilhon also made other announcements:

  • She announced the setting up of a SKEMA US foundation that will raise funds of €30m in the next five years. ​

  • Regarding the campus buildings, Alice Guilhon said that plans are afoot to double the capacity with new premises (4000m2 by comparison to 2500m2 today); that will make a  total of €15 million investment since opening in 2011.

  • SKEMA is currently working towards getting more US-recognised degrees and certifications. For now, the school does offer a US-recognised MSc - the plan is to expand this offer.
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