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French Tech 120 features SKEMA alumni startups Anywr and Adagio

Published on 04 July 2024

The prestigious French Tech 120 programme, which highlights the most promising French startups, has featured two innovative companies this year founded by SKEMA Business School alumni: Anywr, created by Olivier Desurmont (SKEMA 2001), and Adagio, founded by Franck Durousset (SKEMA 1986).

Anywr: Facilitating international mobility


The startup Anywr, led by alumnus Olivie​r Desurmont, helps companies recruit international talent and facilitate their professional mobility. This includes managing job offers, signing employment contracts, as well as handling administrative and logistical processes (housing, moving, school for children, etc.), not to mention training. Anywr also offers companies, both French and international, the ability to find talent in new recruitment pools by taking care of the entire integration process.


Adagio: Technological optimisation of programmatic connections


Adagio is an AdTech startup, founded in 2016 by Franck Durousset, and it is the global leader in sales-side programmatic connection optimisation technologies. Essentially, Adagio's system enables web content publishers to optimise their revenue through "visibility prediction" of the ads that their site will relay, as well as their pricing. The tool's console simplifies integration, rules, traffic management, contracts, and billing, while offering revenue monitoring, troubleshooting tools, and benchmarks to maximise operational efficiency across numerous connections.


About French Tech Nex​t40/120


The French Tech Next40/120 programme, launched by the French Tech Mission, aims to support the most promising French startups by offering them privileged support and increased visibility. Selected for their growth potential and ability to become global leaders, the startups in the Next40/120 benefit from easier access to investors, enhanced support for international development, and networking opportunities with key players in the tech ecosystem.​

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