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MSc Digital Business: interview with the director


In this short interview, Zakaria Babutsidze, the MSc Digital Business, Data Analysis & Management director, discusses the rapid speed of change in the sector and how students are prepared to handle it.

Digital business, innovation, e-commerce: what advice is given to your students to anticipate developments in these subjects?
For students to be ready for the vertiginous speed of changes in these areas. The speed of innovation in digital business is high and constantly accelerating. Industries are being disrupted, and re-invented on even a monthly basis. This is all driven by the availability of masses of data that are produced as the byproduct of online activities. Identifying, and managing the value of this data is the major competitive advantage each successful digital business has to master.
What recent developments have there been in the MSc Digital Business programme?
From the next academic year, our programme will be revamped to accentuate the data analysis and management skills of our graduates. The name of the programme has also been changed to MSc in Digital Business, Data Analysis and Management. We believe this is an important change that will give graduates more decision-making capabilities once on the career ladder. This will also position them uniquely on the job market by combining digital business acumen with data analysis skills.  
Economic strategy: which topics will dominate?
Management of private, and public, data will be a topic that each company will have to reckon with. New, strict Europe-wide laws on privacy (General Data Protection Regulation) will come into force May 25. This has already forced all digital businesses operating in Europe to reconsider their data management practices. Strategic positioning in this aspect will be crucial as together with being a major asset, data will also become a major liability.

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