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MSc Entrepreneurship student wins French Tech Ticket funds


Rosario Pose, student ambassador of the MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation was selected out of 200 finalists to join the second cohort of the French Tech Ticket programme.

​The French Tech Ticket programme was developed nationally by French Tech with the idea of attracting foreign talent to France and helping them set-up here.

Rosario Pose, an Argentinian industrial designer with 4 years of professional experience in Argentina, chose the SKEMA MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation from a list of MScs provided by the Argentinian Ministry of Education.

During the MSc, Rosario developed "Shoe Hunter": a virtual reality project that makes it possible to order shoes online that are the right size, thus avoiding the frequent returns that can represent up to 30% of online purchases. The quality of the "Shoe Hunter" project enabled her to be among the winners in July 2016, chosen to participate in the European Innovation Academy and then to be selected for French Tech Ticket. 

This award contributes €47,000 worth of funding to Shoe Hunter as well as access to an accelerator and 12 months in one of the 41 certified incubators such as PACA-EST in Sophia-Antipolis where SHOE Hunter will be incubated. 

“At the beginning of November we were informed by the Jury commission that we had been selected from among 200 finalists and that we had a Skype meeting as a final selection procedure. The team members came from three different towns, so this meeting took place in “triplex”, but all went well and we convinced the jury that our project was solid and that we were motivated to make a success of Shoe Hunter. Waiting for the final verdict seemed to go on forever, but on 7 December, we heard that we had won. How happy and proud we were! It will be an honour to be part of the Paca-Est incubator in Sophia-Antipolis, where everything began for me at SKEMA in the MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation. The programme starts in January 2017 and we are ready for it!” explained Rosario.

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