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MSc Luxury & Fashion: students get published


Being an MSc Luxury & Fashion Management student is quite different from any other MSc program as it can pull you out of your comfort zone at literally any moment. A regular Integrated Communication course can turn into a real race against time when your programme director gives you the opportunity to write your first article and get it published during the ICAMT conference in India.


After a brainstorming session, we teamed up to write these articles. It really was a whirlwind, since the deadline was less than two weeks away. Everyone stepped up their game to deliver content that would be up to par with the articles written by the high-profile professionals invited to the conference, all teachers and PhD holders (our director included). The first step was to decide what we would write about, and send Mr Coste-Manière our proposal for correction and validation. 

Once the green light was received, the groups kept on with their research, and our classes became real workshops where we would go back and forth from our group work, to discussing the issues we chose to cover with our director to make sure we were still going in the right direction. This was an exhilarating, and very gratifying experience. It stimulated and developed our thinking and writing skills as well as time management and efficiency.
Two weeks later time was up, and we all sent the final versions of our articles to submit to the ICAMT committee, to find out whether or not the work we provided as professionals, and not as mere students had been deemed good enough to be presented during the conference. Soon enough, our work was reviewed, and most of the articles were approved, with little alterations to make to match the level expected.  A tremendous success, as 15 out of 25 were approved, selected by the ICAMT Board and presented by Mr Coste-Manière during the conference.

Fast forward to March 31st, The MSc Luxury & Fashion Management students are all gathered to receive a thought-provoking and enlightening presentation from guest speaker Federico Demarin,  America HR director for Swarovski and VP, about the best practices and approaches to job search in the luxury industry. In this time where most students are already on the hunt for their first job in the industry, Mr Demarin’s intervention was particularly enjoyed by the students, and our guest received many questions from eager attendees.

Following was a presentation of the French companies Robertet and Charabot, worldwide leaders in perfumes, raw materials, cosmetics and flavours B2B activities, given by marketing director Mrs Audrey Megier. This in-depth look at Robertet’s activities enabled the students to get to know the company and was also a great opportunity for MSc Luxury & Fashion Management students to get a feel of the BtoB business, which is a flourishing part of the industry. Discovering Robertet’s work ethic and philosophy was a truly inspiring moment.

The presence of these prestigious guests was the perfect occasion for programme director Ivan Coste-Manière (with the help of MSc Luxury & Fashion Management ambassador Alexandre Falk and delegate Marine Milleliri) to give the students who worked so hard on these articles the diplomas awarded by ICAMT and the Jaypee Business School for their participation. He also announced to students Raphaela Rivoire, Céline Audisio and Amina Diaw that their article had been selected by the Committee as the best submission, and they received a special prize.

This adventure was an amazing learning experience, and an unprecedented opportunity for growth in a business school, or luxury program. Being pulled from a passive attitude to a proactive and rewarding situation is stimulating and gives us more confidence in our abilities, and our capacity to go from being students and having knowledge thrust upon us, to becoming independent and successful high profile professionals, capable of going quickly from one situation to the other with ease.


Article written by Marine Milleliri, current MSc Luxury & Fashion Management student


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