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MSc Project Management makes solidarity project a reality


The Queen’s Cup Project has been in operation since September 2016 by a group of six French and international students in SKEMA’s MSc Project and Programme Management & Business Development (Lille campus).

The project’s objective was to provide homeless women with a long lasting, economical and ecological solution for protection during their monthly menstruation period. 

This project resulted in the distribution of 150 cups on 18 April in partnership with the association Eole.

Inspired by a similar process set up in India, our students (from France, Jordan, Colombia and Russia) discovered these “period cups” and saw their potential especially for the homeless. Indeed, these cups are cheap (they can be reused) and practical (they are easy to clean with a little hot water). They are also ecological if you consider that in a lifetime women use on average 20 000 sanitary towels and tampons that take around 15 years to be absorbed by nature. 

The remaining problem was to find the cups themselves. This was done through Luv ur Body, a Slovakian provider that delivered 150 cups free of charge and showed the women how to use them (this was done through the association Eole, that helps homeless families and women in Lille). 

This project had no funding but succeeded through the students’ determination and motivation – it was a challenge but also fun. “It comes under the category of SMART projects: Specific, Measurable, Active, Reachable, Time-framed, Ecological” as our young team of project managers informs us. 
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