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MSc Tourism & Events students organise Riviera marathon


MSc Strategic Event Management & Tourism Management students took part in the organisation of the Nice - Cannes Marathon, which drew 11,120 French and international runners, 4 November.

​This event, which celebrated its 10th year this year, gave students a great opportunity to earn some practical experience at a major sporting event, where they were able to hone their managerial skills (teamwork, leadership, etc.).

As part of the collaboration between Azur Sport Organisation and SKEMA, the MSc students in the MSc Strategic Event Management & Tourism Management at SKEMA, managed by Christine Chenivesse, worked as volunteers for the "Relais des Entreprises" organisation. 

A further team of students, led by Nathalie Sanchez, Sports Services manager at SKEMA, also took part in the event. 

Before the race, the students were put in charge of organising the relay point (setting up the tents, equipment and signage, preparing refreshments, etc.), and during the race, they were responsible for ensuring that the relay point ran smoothly as well as for the comfort and safety of the runners (runner announcements, clearing the track, receiving and giving instructions, refreshments, etc.). After the race, they had to dismantle and clear away each relay point. 

The feedback from the SKEMA teams was unanimously positive: “Participating in the Nice-Cannes Marathon was a very enriching experience. We loved being able to get involved with the organisation and setting up the race, being in the heart of the action for a change and finding out how an event like this is organised.” (Saint Laurent du Var team). 

“This experience was very enriching in view of our curriculum and gave us an idea of how an event on this scale is organised.” (Cagnes team). 

“We were lucky enough to meet some incredible volunteers as well as runners from all horizons. Having the opportunity to participate in an event like this is an undeniable benefit for our studies, as it gives us a better idea of the realities in the field.” (Antibes team) 

The organisers from Azur Sport Organisation were also delighted by our teams’ efficiency. 

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