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New country risk management book by SKEMA professors


A new book, Country Risk Management in an Age of Globalization, has been published. It is written by SKEMA professors Michel-Henry Bouchet and Amaury Goguel, with Charles A. Fishkin.

Why another book on evaluating country risk? Because after being ignored for a long time or simply covered by insurance, (for example after the Asian crisis at the end of the 90s), country risk is back on the warpath. It has become stronger and more complex since the 2008 crisis and today is reckoned to be one of the main variables for any global strategy in both emerging and industrialised countries.

Paradoxically, very few books deal with country risk from a point of view that is both theoretical, practical and operational. This new work fills the gap thanks to the operational and academic experience of the authors. 

Today, country risk has taken on a new dimension and a new form that is very different from what was seen during the Latin American debt crisis in the 1980s. Nowadays, emerging countries no longer have the monopoly of country risk. This book provides a clear understanding of the various dimensions of country risk – macroeconomic risk, sovereign risk, transfer risk, socio-political risk, systemic risk etc. and their links with the globalisation of markets as well as the emergence of new risks of destabilisation such as terrorism and the rise of protectionism. 

Country Risk Management in an Age of Globalization is the first book on the country risk market that is at once for practitioners, researchers and students. Finally, it plunges into the heart of the subject with a multidisciplinary and thorough approach that offers unique insights including the latest technological evolutions in this area. The book provides a response to the deep changes in the world economic order. It is a complete reference that so far has no equivalent. It is an essential complement to the literature on international strategy. I strongly recommend its being used for teaching and as a guide for analysts and decision makers.” says John R. McIntyre, professor of management and international business and executive director of GT CIBER, at the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

Michel-Henry Bouchet is a distinguished professor of finance at SKEMA Business School (FMI) and an advisor in financial strategy to governments and investment funds. 

Amaury Goguel has been the director of the SKEMA Business School MSc Financial Markets & Investments in Paris since September 2015 (in 2018 ranked fourth best programme in finance for pre-experience students in the world by the Financial Times). 

Charles Fishkin who has worked with the directors of the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US also collaborated in this work. 

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