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New Eduniversal rankings results


Eduniversal has just revealed the results of its highly anticipated ranking of the best masters, MS and MBA programmes.

With a wide portfolio of masters programmes, SKEMA is proud to see many of them well placed in these rankings.

Among the 66 categories offered and the 917 graduate courses in the rankings, the following SKEMA programmes have been highlighted:

  • MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation: 7th
  • MSc Project and Program Management & Business Development: 3rd
  • MSc Strategic Event Management & Tourism Management: 5th
  • MSc International Strategy & Influence: 7th

Specialised masters®:
  • MS Supply Chain Management & Purchasing (MS Management de la Chaîne Logistique et Achats): 7th
  • MS Project and Programme Management & Business Development (MS Management des Projets et Programmes): 3rd
  • MS Direct Marketing & E-commerce (MS Manager Marketing Direct et Commerce Electronique): 3rd
  • MS Finance and International Asset Management (MS Ingénierie et Gestion Internationale du Patrimoine): 7th
  • MS Corporate Fiscal Management (MS Expert en Gestion Fiscale de l'Entreprise): 7th

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