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Partnership to help candidates from disadvantaged contexts


19 January, SKEMA and the ARELI association signed a partnership agreement. The objective is to support the Emergence programme to help candidates from disadvantaged backgrounds join SKEMA. These young people have the capacity for higher education, but do not have the necessary financial resources.

The Emergence programme enables 30-50 applicants per year to access the financial resources to pursue their studies and open up a benevolent professional network. As a counterpart, throughout the years of study, these students are asked to engage in civic service or community action of their choice. 

Today, Emergence is supported by over 50 company sponsors with a network of about 300 professionals. The programme is piloted by Tiphaine Duquesnes (SKEMA alumna 2006).

SKEMA will contribute financially with an annual grant of €20 000 to ARELI so that the measures set up by Emergence can last over time. As a counterpart, SKEMA benefits from ARELI’s expertise to identify, select and integrate students from deprived areas in the Lille area, into the school’s courses.

The grant will finance the students in the Emergence programme who are studying at SKEMA. ARELI is free to decide the amount allocated to each student. This convention has been agreed for the following five years.

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