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SKEMA US welcomes over 600 students for spring semester

Published on 17 January 2022

This week, the SKEMA US team hosted a series of orientation sessions for all new students joining the Raleigh campus.

Students were first greeted online by the campus directors and student office team during a live-streamed welcome session. They learned about the SKEMA US campus and offerings, such as mentoring and entrepreneurship opportunities, student clubs at SKEMA and North Carolina State University, and much more. Students were encouraged to (safely) make the best out of their semester in Raleigh and in the US.

Then, students headed to campus on two different days for more orientation events, including academic programme presentations, campus tours, photos with SKEMA mascot Leon the SKAMELEON, karaoke, lunch, and lots of games and other recreational activities.

Classes also began this week for some of the programmes.

Wishing all students a great semester!

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