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Roxane and Yoann, graduates: digital marketing to travel blogging

Published on 09 September 2020

Roxane and Yoann met at SKEMA. Both graduates of the class of 2016, they work in digital marketing for companies in the banking sector. With a shared love of travel, in 2018 they decided to create a blog devoted to their passion:

Roxane, Yoann, could you introduce yourselves? Tell us a bit about your studies at SKEMA, your respective jobs, what you do in your spare time and what prompted you to start a travel blog?

We met at preparatory school in Toulon in 2010, just before attending SKEMA. We then got the opportunity to do our first year of Master in Management, Grande Ecole programme together overseas, first on the Suzhou campus and then on a university exchange in Bangkok. After a year of internships in Paris, our time at SKEMA ended with a year of learning divided between Paris, Sophia-Antipolis and Avignon. We were so lucky to be able to go through those five years of study together and share such great experiences! Since graduating, we have been working in digital marketing for companies in the banking industry."

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