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SKEMA 6x6: new for the Master in Management programme


This new feature known as "SKEMA 6x6" has been available from the start of this academic year on all our six campuses.

It means that every student's experience of the Master in Management, Grande Ecole programme is most likely to be entirely unique. 

The new feature opens up an infinite number of learning paths that combine the 40 specialised tracks and options in 17 masters of science (MSc) and six specialised masters (MS), double tracks and double diplomas, the six SKEMA campuses and a choice of partner universities. 

Grande Ecole programme students will be able to do the three years of their course (six semesters) on each of SKEMA’s six campuses and study in the four key regions of the world: Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America, in fact wherever SKEMA has a campus. 

The following sequence gives an idea of the plan:
  • Semester 1: France
  • Semester 2: Raleigh (USA) or Belo Horizonte (Brazil) — Paris — Sophia-Antipolis — Lille then Suzhou (China) from 2019
  • Semester 3: Suzhou — Raleigh — Belo Horizonte — Paris — Sophia-Antipolis — Lille
  • Semester 4: Suzhou — Raleigh — Belo Horizonte — Paris — Sophia-Antipolis — Lille
  • Semester 5: Suzhou — Raleigh — Belo Horizonte — Paris — Sophia-Antipolis — Lille (depending on specialised options chosen)
  • Semester 6: Suzhou — Raleigh — Belo Horizonte — Paris — Sophia-Antipolis — Lille (depending on specialised options chosen)

"First-year Master in Management students will be able to follow the whole of their three-year course on our six campuses. They will begin on one of the three French campuses then they can build their path on any of the six SKEMA campuses. This means they can do their three-year programme with experience on each of the six campuses", confirms Patrice Houdayer, director of programmes, International and student life. 

"This is the concrete application of SKEMA’s glocal (global-local) approach that will enable our students to discover the reality of each of the ecosystems in the world’s main economic region. This new approach goes hand in hand with an even greater offer in terms of masters of science (MSc) on our international campuses, for example the three programmes that have just been offered on the Belo Horizonte campus. The idea is to keep expanding this offer of specialised training that relies on large doses of local input." 

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