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SKEMA and Unly form a partnership to assist students


SKEMA and Unly, a social utility company specialising in student finance, are joining forces to offer a solution to students – whose ambitions are being thwarted by their financial or social situation – in the form of a personalised online support solution.

​Education of around 15,000 students is interrupted every year due to financial reasons. Also, many students and their families decide not to pursue education because they believe they would face financial obstacles while paying the Grande École tuition fees. SKEMA and Unly want to change this.

SKEMA’s partnership with Unly makes it the first among the top 10 business schools to implement such a scheme. The service will be open to all students free of charge, whether they are candidates, entering SKEMA for the first time or already pursuing their education at the school.

Unly, a member of EdTech France (of which SKEMA is also a partner), is devoted to facilitating access to education. The TechForGood campaign at Unly has been awarded the French State certification “ESUS” (Responsible Company of Social Utility), a certification granted to less than 1000 companies in France.

The SKEMA solution, developed by Unly and scheduled to be operational by mid-June 2019, uses conversational robots (chatbots) and financial algorithms to help students look to the future and find the right financing solutions for their studies at SKEMA (tuition fees, living expenses and accommodation). Assistance with taking loans, scholarships (merit, social and mobility), housing assistance and student jobs will also be provided.

“We were looking for a scheme to help people finance their studies and a way to give our students an exhaustive view of all financing options available to them, both within and outside the school. The solution proposed by Unly is unique and we are thrilled to be the first of the top 10 Grandes École business schools to implement it,” said Damien Roux, marketing and communication director at SKEMA.
“Our solutions are designed to serve the student’s interests as a priority. Social causes are at the heart of our business and we are delighted that SKEMA is getting involved. Facilitating access to finance to students from all social strata is essential. We are aiming to promote diversity within Grandes Écoles. The aim is to give all young people the same chances of seeking an ambitious career, regardless of their social or family conditions,” asserted Jérémy Ruet, the co-founder of Unly.

About UNLY
Unly is a social utility company that aids higher education establishments looking to achieve greater diversity. It devotes technology to serving the public interest. Its digital tools facilitate access to the training programmes of its partner establishments. Committed to the values of merit and equal chances, it believes that no young person should allow their ambitions to be curbed by their financial or social situation. Unly been awarded the French State certification “ESUS” (Responsible Company of Social Utility), which is granted to less than 1000 companies in France, for its commitment to facilitating access to education.

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