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SKEMA finance students get leadership training from PwC

Published on 25 January 2023

The students of SKEMA Finance, the association that brings together the finance students of SKEMA Business School, took part in an Association Training Days event organised by PwC. This was an opportunity for them to present their association to a large corporate group and interact with students from associations of other higher education institutions.

​The audit and consulting firm PwC offers regular training sessions to student associations on a variety of topics. The latest one was on leadership. SKEMA Finance students were invited to participate. "The interesting thing about these courses is that they do not stop at a superficial approach to the subject, but delve into the issues, in this case leadership, to explain the ins and outs as clearly as possible," explains Victor Charpignon, a student in the Accounting and Auditing track of the Master in Management (PGE) programme.

A discussion with PwC employees

During this conference, the students interacted with their counterparts from the Junior Enterprise of ESTP Paris and AMJE in Lille (Ecole des Arts et Métiers). They also learnt about the DISC model, which associates personalities with four different colours. 

This tool that is essential for developing in a company while being aware of one's strengths and weaknesses. "This leadership training enabled me to know myself better and, consequently, correct certain behaviours that could hinder my interactions within the company. Moreover, thanks to this event, I will be able to better highlight my personal skills in future interviews," explains Clarisse Faille, a student in the L3 year of the PGE Finance and Quants programme.

The day ended with the participants sharing their experience with PwC's employees. 

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