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SKEMA joins HESAM University


SKEMA is the only business school to be a member of HESAM among the university’s 15 establishments of excellence.

After a vote that took place on 20 March 2018, SKEMA Business School joins HESAM University. Jean-Luc Delpeuch, president of HESAM University and Alice Guilhon, general director of SKEMA Business School, gave a press conference on 21 March where they talked about their common projects. 

SKEMA and HESAM University will be innovating together by collaborating on new projects linking research, training and innovation. By choosing to join HESAM, SKEMA has confirmed its wish, alongside other renowned establishments, to help construct a federal, interdisciplinary and innovative model of the university.

As part of HESAM, SKEMA wants to get involved in responses to worldwide tenders with the other members. The current NCU tender as part of the PIA is a concrete example.

The school also intends to cooperate in constructing new interdisciplinary bachelors and masters programmes and inventing new doctorates linked closely to employment, launching European and international projects and making Africa the site of common international development initiatives.

The HESAM Board of Administration expressed strong interest in these projects and responded favourably to SKEMA’s membership on 20 March 2018. 

HESAM and SKEMA have a common interest in promoting research excellence and professionalisation. Both establishments work through multisite networks that are open to the localities and economic ecosystems where they are implanted. Both SKEMA and HESAM have invested in pedagogical innovation, lifelong learning, parity and social integration to train those who are actors of societal transformation.

HESAM offers SKEMA its members’ competences in creation, design, humanities, engineering and digital – each member institution represents excellence in a given domain: CNAM, Arts et Métiers, Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Paris-La Villette, ENSCI-les-Ateliers, Ecole du Louvre, Institut national d’études démographiques, Institut national du Patrimoine, and most recently, the Institut français de la Mode, Ecole Boulle, Ecole Estienne, Ecole Duperré, ENSAAMA and CESI.

SKEMA offers HESAM a number of specialisations in management, business and finance, law, marketing, etc., that are deployed in its six campuses: in France, China, the United States and Brazil.

HESAM will be opening its interdisciplinary fields in research and training to SKEMA: the Centre Michel Serres, the PEPITE HESAM Entreprendre, the “1000 doctorants pour les territoires” programme, the preparation of ERC and the centre of production for MOOCs. 

About HESAM University
With 120 000 students, 3000 professors and researchers, 50 research teams and 60 campuses and other institutions in France and the world, HESAM University is an original phenomenon in France and internationally. With the excellence of its members, the university intends to put interdisciplinary research, employment-oriented training and innovation at the service of societal challenges that, according to the HCERES, is unlike any other.

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