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K-Centre Academy launch: interactive online student course

Published on 09 September 2019

SKEMA is unveiling an online training course to help its students acquire digital and other essential skills that will play a crucial role during their time at the school and as future professionals. 

Designed and set up by the KCentre (Innovation Department), this interactive online training comprises a quiz and four modules presented in different formats:
• The digital working environment at SKEMA (K2 and Microsoft Office 365)
• Accessing knowledge (how to look for information, searching and gathering tools proposed by the KCentre)
• Searching for and authenticating information (research methodology, knowing how to evaluate and verify information, etc.)
• The ethics of information and knowledge (value of information, copyright, plagiarism, knowing how to cite your sources and using bibliography management tools).
This online course will also allow students to take tests to measure their progress.

“New SKEMA students are strongly encouraged to follow this training course as soon as the academic year begins; the teaching staff will provide necessary information. Following this complementary, innovative training will make it easier for them to acquire digital and informational skills and make for an improved learning experience,” said Carine Garcia, community trainer at KCentre and in charge of this project.

“The technological environment and professional practices are changing rapidly. SKEMA’s KCentre aims to develop and facilitate the adoption of these new tools as they are essential for the success of our students in the global environment; this will give them an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the increasingly digitalised work environments. The KCentre team will continue to support students in the long term and help them benefit from the school's technological environment,” added Fabien Seraidarian, director of innovation and the KCentre at SKEMA.

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