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SKEMA professor on Queen Mary 2 for The Bridge


Friday 23 June, over 165 companies of the 100 club boarded the Queen Mary 2. Prepared for a unique experience. One thousand passengers spent time reflecting on the world of tomorrow in a yet untested huis-clos in the middle of the ocean.

The ship was sailing for New York for one of the many meetings of The Bridge. This popular and eclectic event mixes music, sports and history on land and sea. SKEMA professor Isabelle Decoopman was invited as an expert to lead theme-based dinners, lunches workshops and a conference, during the crossing.

1917-2017. To celebrate 100 years of friendship between France and the United States (since the first contingent of American soldiers disembarked in France) The Bridge organised a historic transatlantic race between Queen Mary 2 and a flotilla of giant trimarans. 2691 passengers (over a thousand managers and directors from over 150 companies) followed this race across the ocean live from the Atlantic. 

With its label as part of the 14-18 anniversary (Mission du Centenaire 14-18) this event comprised a programme of 12 hours of seminars every day These were led by the sixty-odd experts in their field. The 1000 passengers invited by the 100 Club were guaranteed a thus far unheard of entrepreneurial experience, with the ocean as backdrop between Saint-Nazaire and New York. From 23 June to 1 July, from Cherbourg, Saint-Nazaire as far as New York, these economic leaders and decision makers took part in a week of thinking and sharing experience around the transformations at work in a changing world. This is why economists, professionals, philosophers, artists, sportsmen and important witnesses took part on this famous liner taking turns to lead seminars throughout the journey. 

Isabelle Decoopman will led three theme-based lunches (Have your clients really taken over and how to deal with new BtoB and BtoC consumer behaviour? How can you maintain competitive advantage in an environment with shortening innovation cycles? Can additive manufacturing or 3D printing generalise open source in a world of physical goods?), three themed dinners (How is the Internet of objects an opportunity to optimise your client experience? Can additive manufacturing disturb your business model? Will IoT help create new opportunities of value creation?), a two-hour workshop (Preparing your business model in the face of new technologies) and one hour and half talk (Digital transition: new models of value creation).

Isabelle Decoopman’s participation in this event gave SKEMA excellent visibility and is a unique opportunity to show off the expertise of its professors and researchers. 

Isabelle Decoopman is professor of strategy and management at SKEMA Business School and researcher in marketing. With a doctorate in management, she is interested in many different themes: new models of value creation, the impact of digital transformation on strategy, business models of organisations, the role of consumption in identity construction and in relations between generations, etc. She will be discussing all these subjects during the talks with directors as an APM expert (Association of management progress). 

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