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SKEMA student and co-founder of Youth Hacktivators

Published on 22 May 2020

Florent Faucher is 22, SKEMA student, and co-founder and executive director of Youth Hacktivators, a community of young change-makers who help large corporations become more eco-friendly and sustainable. This article is a short interview with Florent.

What projects are you developing with Youth Hacktivators?

Florent: “At the moment, we're working on bringing together about thirty people, “actors of change”, who are between 18 and 25 years old and have very varied profiles. There are scientists, designers, entrepreneurs… We are working to transform companies by acting on two levels. Firstly, by participating in events, and in particular at Sustainable Brands Paris, the largest sustainable development trade fair in Europe, where we exchange with companies at round tables and presentations. In fact, the 2019 edition of the fair is where Youth Hacktivators was born. Participation in this type of event is an opportunity to set up new formats for exchange and co-creation.” 

And what do you do in companies?

Florent: “We work with HR, CSR and marketing departments. For CSR, we challenge strategies to push objectives and ambitions further. We propose an action plan, centred on a project, to activate the transformation. We can also participate in the conception phase of CSR initiatives. On the marketing side, we are a relay for raising awareness among managers because young people consume differently. We work with them on new products and services that take into account the environmental dimension. Finally, we are working with HR on the creation of workshops and training courses to encourage young people to get involved with companies in order to sustainably transform their business models. 
Pictured: Florent

How can we accelerate change towards a more sustainable society?

Florent: “First of all, you have to understand the issues. Then, the notion of ecosystem is essential because we have to act collectively to bring all the stakeholders to the discussion. Finally, a new governance model must be found. We need to engage in participatory collaboration to federate energies and ideas, which in particular makes it easier to absorb shocks and crises - very obviously the case for the one we are currently experiencing.”

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