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Student's fundraising campaign for Aerial Robotics Club at NC State

Published on 02 May 2019

Until this year, NC State’s Aerial Robotics Club (ARC) exclusively comprised aeronautical, mechanical and IT engineers. However, Corentin Vinet, a SKEMA student at the school’s Raleigh campus who recently joined the team, has opened the club's first business department and launched its first major fundraising campaign.

The Aerial Robotics Club (ARC) at NC State is one of the engineering university’s primary clubs for passionate aeronautical enthusiasts. Each year, students build a plane capable of flying autonomously. Their goal is to participate in and win the prestigious international competition SUAS (Student Unmanned Aerial Systems Competition) which brings together various teams of the best aeronautical engineering students and partners such as Boeing, Google and Lockheed Martin.

The objective of the fundraising campaign is to raise $10,000 with different levels of sponsorship from a wide range of companies. In an increasingly competitive and demanding industry, the ARC offers sponsors exclusive access to future talents and optimal exposure through one of the world’s best student teams in the sector.

Ready to take-off with the Aerial Robotics Club at NC State? Contact Corentin Vinet:

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