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SKEMA USA student union hosts 'Oskars'

Published on 04 May 2021

A few days after the Oscars ceremony took place in California, the SKEMA US students gathered on campus to celebrate the end of the semester through a fun farewell event named the Oskars.

Organised by the Raleigh student union, the Oskars event was an opportunity for all SKEMA US students to nominate and vote online for their favourite classmates in a variety of categories, including “Best Roommate”, “Mr and Mrs SKEMA US”, “Most Athletic”, “Influencer of the Year”, “Best Dancer”, and more.

The event started with a DJ and karaoke session. Then, the student union president Joulene Attoui and vice-president David Mbodj, both Master in Management students, proceeded to announce the nominees and winners of each category, and SKEMA’s mascot, Leon the SKAMELEON, awarded the golden Oskar statuettes to the winners

Unknowingly to the SKEMA US staff, the last categories were “Best Professor”, awarded to Dr Michael Lee, and “Best SKEMA campus”, awarded to the Raleigh campus – a nice way for students to thank and say goodbye to the campus and city they have called home for the past semester.

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