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Women in Business Chair: conference compares China and the west

Published on 06 May 2019

In the first week of April, professionals from the local economic ecosystem attended an inspirational lecture organised by SKEMA’s Women in Business Chair and its partner Femmes Chefs d’Entreprise (FCE) Grand Lille, an association of businesswomen.

​At the event, sinologist François Jullien questioned the difference between occidental and Chinese view on “European modelling or Chinese maturation - sources of business efficiency?”

Stéphanie Chasserio co-manages the Women in Business Chair with Eliane Bacha, Corinne Poroli and Philippe Pailot, with assistance from coordinator Marie-Paule Moreau. “The theme was ambitious: the difference between occidental and Chinese approaches to notions like time, growth and the goals of the economy. François Jullien is not just a sinologist but also a philosopher. All the participants addressed and discussed different perspectives about the business world, growth, and so on. I am delighted that we were able to strengthen the partnership between our Chair and FCE at this event which highlighted many of our complementary activities involving local, regional and national economic bodies,” said Stéphanie Chasserio.

Odile Lepercq, president of FCE Grand Lille, added, “The fascinating explanations provided by François Jullien helped us rethink our companies’ markets and strategies. The event was a concrete demonstration of our values and our desire to impart knowledge. I would like to thank SKEMA Business School for its hospitality. The campus was an ideal site for a conference on the subject. The evening was yet another success for our active partnership with SKEMA’s Women in Business Chair. We regularly participate in their workshops on equality (Ateliers Egalités) and their meetings with female role models to combat gender stereotypes (Vis ma Vie)".

FCE Grand Lille: Created over 60 years ago, FCE Grand Lille, a member of FCE France, unites businesswomen and executives between 25 and 60 years of age from all sectors and legal statuses in the Lille area. The association provides support, information and mutual aid to businesswomen to prevent isolation and encourage women to take responsible positions in the economic sector by reinforcing their presence in professional organisations, economic structures, consular institutions and public bodies. Nearly a third of the delegation have mandates in employer organisations including the Lille commercial court, the chamber of commerce and the council of the industrial tribunal.

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