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Skilled workers: Out of lockdown but disengaged

Published on 13 July 2020

Following his article Lockdown and Meaning at Work: Is this the Right Time for a Career Change?, our partner Laurent Polet spoke to SKEMA Alumni to share his analysis of the new phase we are currently in.

The first group were on the front line, skilled workers in the health care sector but also those performing jobs deemed essential, dealing with the stress of this unprecedented and unexpected crisis situation. The second were working from home, in a wide variety of contexts, but all tired of sitting day in and day out in front of their computer screens. Finally, the third are off work, often completely, and with nothing else to do, in a context where they are questioning the usefulness of their job now that the social hierarchy of occupations has been reversed.

In all three groups, the finding is the same: a sudden and massive destabilisation of their professional role. Skilled workers, managers and top managers in highly contrasting situations are seeing a radical shift in their frames of reference, in the recognition they are given or even in their status.

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