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Student society hosts former foreign minister for France


Pourparlers, a student society and forum hosted French politician and former foreign secretary for France, Hubert Védrine, on Tuesday, 12 March, at the Lille campus.

Students discussed international relations with him and benefitted from his unique experience and perspective.

Students discussed topics with Védrine ranging from the US, China, North and South Korea, the Middle East and Syria to the upcoming European elections.

It was a great opportunity for students interested in international affairs and geopolitics.

Hubert Védrine was a diplomatic advisor to the French president François Mitterrand in 1981. He became a spokesperson for the Élysée in 1988 and the general secretary in 1991. He held that position until 1995. He was appointed to the Conseil d’État in 1986 and was the minister for foreign affairs in the Jospin government between 1997 and 2002. He is now a consultant in geostrategy.

The student association PourParlers was founded in 2006 with the objective of spreading culture and information within SKEMA through conferences with politicians or public figures, after-work debates and cultural outings. Its chairman is Etienne Loos, a first-year student in the Grande Ecole programme.

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