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Big student-entrepreneur event on campus

Published on 10 December 2018

December 6, SKEMA hosted a flagship event organised by Université Côte d’Azur to celebrate the creation of new companies, particularly in the teaching and research sector.

Major names in entrepreneurship and innovation in the region attended the SKEMA campus in Sophia-Antipolis to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the i-lab competition and the fifth anniversary of the PEPITE scheme (student hubs for innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship).

The i-lab competition is frequently the key to the launch of innovative companies in France, thanks to the subsidy attached to the competition, which can be as high as €450,000. Furthermore, several SKEMA students every year obtain the status of Student Entrepreneur. This status allows students and recent graduates to devise an entrepreneurial project within the framework of a PEPITE and with the support of the member establishments.

Over the course of the day, over 30 speakers and entrepreneurs at the heart of these schemes took turns making their contributions at three round tables on the following topics: a panorama of student entrepreneurship and innovation in the region; student entrepreneurship – myth or reality? (with the participation of Thibault Desseignes and Cédric Alin, SKEMA alumni and co-founders of Bieropolis); and the innovation chain.

The prizegiving ceremonies for the PEPITE and I-Lab “Creation and Development” prizewinners also took place as part of this one-day event. 

SKEMA was very well-represented in the PEPITE prize, as two out of four companies for this prize were won by SKEMA graduates. 

  • Mysportycompany, an application launched by David Chriqui (available for download now from the App Store, for anyone looking to book a sports lesson for €9 in one click). 

  • Vertice, luxury vegan leather bags.

With over 1000 companies founded since 2000, SKEMA has always valued the importance of supporting entrepreneurship.

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