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Students win human resources management trophy


May 30, the SKEMA Enactus society (Sophia Antipolis campus) won the Human Resources Management Trophy of the Adecco group.

The society members will be the beneficiaries of a week-long “live my life” in companies of different human resources managers of the Adecco group and €3000 to spread the reputation of SKEMA in Silicon Valley during the Enactus World Cup (October 2018). 

The SKEMA Paris Enactus team took a third place in this national contest. 

Enactus is a worldwide network that accompanies over 70 000 students of all nationalities and all disciplines in projects for social entrepreneurship. In France, there are branches in 60 schools and universities – including the three SKEMA campuses in Lille, Sophia Antipolis and Paris. 

The Human Resources Management Trophy sponsored by The Adecco Group Foundation and Enactus France, aims to help Enactus teams to improve their skills in terms of human resources management and to reward the best among them. 

“First, we had to make a video presenting our best HR practices. Once we were selected for the final, we had to do our pitch on the premises of The Adecco Group at La Défense in Paris, but we did not think we were good enough, so we worked hard on our speaking and presentation skills and the work paid off,” comments Sara Garmendia, secretary general of the Enactus society. 

“Bruce Roch, CRM and solidarity director of The Adecco Group Foundation, also underlined the solid nature of our management thanks to effective processes used,” added Sara

The team is looking forward to the Enactus World Cup. Each year, the winners of national competitions (that take place in all of the 36 countries of the network), represent their country in the international competition in front of over 4000 people including the CEOs of Unilever, KPMG and hundreds of other professionals from multinationals. 

“One of the projects we are working on is harmonising the three campuses. In three years, three Enactus societies have been created on SKEMA’s three campuses (Lille, Sophia Antipolis and Paris). We are standardising our practices and our functioning to respond to SKEMA’s strategy that from next year will make it possible for students to change campus each semester. This means a student can change campus but remain in Enactus and feel at home. So, we are trying to create a big multi-campus Enactus family for the whole of SKEMA in multi-campus mode,” Sara Garmendia explained. 

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