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Suzhou campus end-of-year gala


1 December, the SKEMA Suzhou campus organised its traditional gala evening at the Suzhou Jinling Garden International Hotel. Campus students, staff and professors were all together for a convivial and festive evening.

After a semester of intense courses at Suzhou, this gala evening has become a tradition to celebrate friendship and the promising future that awaits the campus and its students.

A buffet and Champagne accompanied the shows prepared by SKEMA students and professors. Singing, discussions and exuberant dancing were all part of the evening’s entertainment.

Amélie Mapapa, volunteer student organizer, tells us why she wanted to come to China to organise this gala evening: "When I was in France and wherever I travelled, I realised that I would see Chinese people everywhere. That’s how I got interested in China. When I came to SKEMA, I knew I would have the chance to go to China and applied for this semester in Suzhou. On the campus, staff and professors are ready to help you if you are motivated for a project or want to organise an event… You just need to follow your ideas through. That’s why I volunteered to take part in organising this gala evening: its success, atmosphere and time spent together laughing and chatting stay in our minds and we will always remember these moments when we lived so intensely during our SKEMA education in China." 

Congratulations to the eight volunteer student organisers: Jean-Baptiste Martin, Amélie Mapapa, Arnaud Atche, Anais Placidi, Axel Nunes, Yang Huiting, Wu Yue and Fan Yiwen. 

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