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The new Grand Paris Campus is open

Published on 22 January 2021

SKEMA’s Grand Paris Campus opened, as planned, on 4 January 2021. The Paris staff and professors have moved in, discovered their offices and the common areas, and started work, acclimatising to their new environment. In this article, we can read about their impressions after their first few days at the new campus.

​Jean-Philippe Gros, audiovisual support technician from the Sophia Antipolis campus, who has been working at the Grand Paris Campus on its IT aspects over the last few weeks, is already won over by “a decidedly modern setting, and the many light-filled, welcoming social areas that encourage dialogue and decompartmentalisation. Walls no longer divide us; glass and transparency predominate. We can see each other and really live together! Situated beside the Seine, a river that has always been a communication route, the campus is equipped with modern IT networks and infrastructures that will enable us to communicate far beyond its banks with unrivalled ease in the future. The students and staff will enjoy a social and professional environment with open, seamlessly connected architecture that fosters exchanges both inside and with the whole world: a magnificent vessel for exploring and conquering tomorrow’s world.“

For Laurent Ferrara, professor of international economics (Globalisation Academy), the new Grand Paris Campus “…is remarkable.This international campus ‘at the gates of Paris’ will obviously enhance SKEMA’s appeal and attract the best students, new professors and researchers. We will also be able to stage research seminars and conferences in excellent conditions, which will help strengthen our school’s position among the top academic institutions.”

Carine Pichant, operational marketing project manager in the executive education department, is delighted with the new site. “This new campus next to the Seine is really stunning. On our first day here, we received a sleeveless down jacket with SKEMA written on it as a welcome gift, which was worn by all the campus staff. Each floor has its own character, in a mix of raw material (wood, glass) and its own specific colour. Private spaces are available to chat over a coffee, meet up, or work in a quiet atmosphere. The cafeteria will be a marvellous area for everyone to get together and meet new people.”

Cédric Bédini, executive director of the dean’s office, and project manager at the Grand Paris Campus, adds: “The opening of the campus is the culmination of long months of work in a context that was complicated in 2020, to say the least. To now be able to welcome our staff, professors and, very soon, our students, is a great relief and a source of pride. January 4, 2021 marked the official birthday of SKEMA’s long-awaited Grand Paris Campus. I convey my sincere thanks to all the SKEMA members who congratulate us every day: it’s really heart-warming.I would like to share these wishes with the project and IT teams who did a phenomenal amount of work in the final stretch to ensure ideal conditions for our staff to move in.“

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