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To pivot, or not to pivot: innovation and knowledge talk

Published on 08 January 2019

The next breakfast workshop in the SKEMA Innovation & Knowledge Cycle will take an in-depth look at every facet of pivoting, the often radical change in strategic orientation and/or economic model. The event will take place at Euratechnologies, Lille, at 8am on 18 January.

​Pivoting has become a benchmark and a buzzword in the world of startups. It is clear that a new company’s path to success (or failure) frequently involves a rethink of the original project.
SKEMA professor Michel Bernasconi will analyse the phenomenon to give a better understanding of the causes behind it and the issues at stake. He will also address some approaches that allow companies to reduce the extent to which they pivot and to handle the consequences more easily.
Antoine Leclercq, founder of the startups Crezeo and Potion.Social, will share his own testimonial.
Valérie Blanchot-Courtois, SKEMA professor, will chair the event, co-organised with Euratechnologies.
SKEMA’s Innovation & Knowledge Cycle organises 12 conferences a year aimed at companies - company directors, entrepreneurs, executives and managers - in order to help them decode a world in the middle of an economic, digital, social and environmental transition and help them find the keys to action. The 2018-2019 SKEMA Innovation & Knowledge Cycle will explore the theme of disruption and all aspects thereof. The 1.5-hour conferences provide theory knowledge, references for exploring the themes further and avenues for action.

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