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US campus: Groundhog Day and Krispy Kreme Challenge

Published on 08 February 2019

​February 2: Students and SKEMA staff banded together to create the SKEMA Krispy Krema team for the annual fun run with a twist.

This was the 15th annual Krispy Kreme Challenge. 

The goal: to run 2.5 miles to the historic NC Krispy Kreme donut store, eat a dozen donuts, then complete the 2.5 mile run uphill to the finish line, all in under one hour. 

The run encourages charitable donations and fundraising for the UNC Children's Hospital. The challenge also doubles as a costume contest – you may see a hand of bananas, various fruits and vegetables and an onslaught of Marvel heroes to spot throughout the event. 

Pictured: the replica of the Krispy Kreme fundraiser box. Each year there is a replica item that is pushed, rolled, or dragged through the race. Last year it was a giant donut with sprinkles!

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