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US campus: students take part in NCSU boxing club

Published on 17 May 2019

Two SKEMA students are participating in NCSU's boxing club. Here, one of them gives us a breakdown of why he joined and what he's getting from it.

The two students are are Moaad Laalam and Valentine Martinsky.

Mooad discusses his motivations for joining the club:

"When I first landed in Raleigh, and even before that, my main objective, besides studies, was to be able to get to know locals and make American friends. Also, I used to do boxing before, so a logical step was to ally both. NC State has impressive sports facilities and clubs which are available to SKEMA students. 

I wanted to be involved in university life, and American social life. Furthermore, being an aficionado of boxing, I wanted to hone and maintain my level in this discipline.

Five times a week members meet with the club officers and the coach and learned new combinations and worked on dodging and stances. On Fridays we meet at Elevate Academy, a boxing and martial art gym in Durham.

It was a great experience to be in contact with locals and become friends with them. I have met with a lot of them outside of the boxing settings and organised outings in restaurants or hikes during the weekends.

I think sports club are one of the best ways to be involved in North Carolina State University because it allows the student to meet likeminded people who belong to a different culture: American culture."

NCSU Boxing club is a sport club dedicated to the teaching and training of students in Olympic style boxing for the purposes of exercise, recreation, and/or competition in the sport.

Any student of any skill may enter, teaching consists of the fundamentals of boxing like stance, punches, movement, etc. The teaching is administrated by the coach or the officers of the club. Sessions take place in Carmichael gym four times a week plus an additional session every Friday in Durham for those who would like to spare.

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