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Wheelchair Rugby matches

Published on 08 April 2019

The ‘Esprit Passion Ovale’ student association promotes rugby and its values within SKEMA. A new demonstration of the ‘values of rugby’ took place during the ‘Wheelchair Rugby’ matches, organised at the end of March with the Wheelchair Rugby Club Toulon Provence Méditerranée.

​Over the course of an afternoon at the Centre International de Valbonne gymnasium, students were able to meet and play against players who, despite their disabilities, are continuing to enjoy their passion for rugby. Consideration, respect and solidarity were the values shared by all these rugby enthusiasts. 
Anthony Santonci and Léo Mateu (vice-president and president of ‘Esprit Passion Ovale’) had been in contact with Guillaume Mélenchon, president of the Wheelchair Rugby Club Toulon Provence Méditerranée over several months to arrange the event.
Nicolas Fabre, a previous player and inventor of the fun, educational game ‘Play Rugby’, refereed the event with several thrilling matches taking place.

Apart from finding out about an unusual sport, the students also learnt about the rules and practice of wheelchair rugby from a friendly duo – the president of the Wheelchair Rugby Association and his friend Djamel. They were able to highlight and communicate the strong human aspect of the sport.

To find out more, please contact Leo Mateur, President of ‘Esprit Passion Ovale’.

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