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Global Entrepreneurship Initiative

An entrepreneur is "an innovator, a job creator, a game changer, a business leader, disruptor, an adventurer", Charles Branson.

Entrepreneurship is a major priority of SKEMA. At SKEMA we consider that an entrepreneur is an innovator-transformer. He/she innovates and acts to transform industries and organisations.

Growth and wealth creation in our societies are largely related to the ability to create new activities, either by creating new business or new business in existing businesses.
The creation of innovative companies is a professional objective for a growing number of students and they expect their school to help them prepare their creation during their studies. SKEMA does this in a unique way because it is located in six innovative territories on four continents. Student-entrepreneurs can design a project in a global context and take the best of each ecosystem of innovation.

Large companies also need entrepreneurs. Indeed globalisation, the digital revolution, disruptive innovation brought about by start-ups, and finally the changes in consumer behaviour are jeopardising large companies’ current activities and forcing them to reinvent themselves. They need  employees with an entrepreneurial profile and who have a global vision and a multi-cultural capacity.

To enable students from all campuses and all programmes to develop their entrepreneurial capacity, we have created the Global Entrepreneurship Initiative which aims to coordinate all entrepreneurial activities. These are presented in the following sections.

Director "Global Entrepreneurship Initiative

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