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Certificate in Global Leadership for Impact

Lead change. Foster innovation. Make an impact.

Take this exciting opportunity to develop your leadership, cross-cultural, and innovation skills while building a network of global peers. Join interactive courses combining self-paced online segments with virtual discussions, guest speakers, and workshops. Participate in group projects with students from around the world. Explore your leadership potential and learn about the latest models and practices for effective leadership in today's globalized world.

Summer 2021 online courses

Cross-Cultural Leadership (Core Course - 3 credits)

  • Course goal
    Harness the power of culture and community to help create high-achieving organizations.  
  • Course description
    This course is about leading change in a dynamic world. It is designed to help students understand the tensions and harmonies between leadership and culture, identity and innovation. How can leaders tap into people’s deep desires to improve their lives, find purpose, and help others? How does culture function as a way to unite—or separate—people? And how can we responsibly manage change and innovation on glocal and local levels? 

Business for Impact (Core Course - 3 credits) 

  • Course goal
    Explore the latest business models to solve human problems and drive impact + profit. 
  • Course description
    2020 marks an unprecedented time to rethink how we approach business and innovation. “This is your chance. If you miss it, you’ll never get it back again,” Muhhamad Yunis, Nobel Peace Prize Winner. Customers, employees and stakeholders now demand businesses adopt more sustainable and transparent practices.  Learn how to utilize the latest models of B Corp, conscious capitalism, UNSG, and corporate social responsibility. 

Women and Innovation (Elective Course - 3 credits) 

  • Course goal
    Explore key theories of leadership as they relate to women and women innovators. 
  • Course description
    The purpose of this course is to analyse the roles, responsibilities, and expectations of women in leadership positions. Current issues and trends will be examined from historical, sociological, political, and ethical perspectives. Why does women’s leadership matter? Do women have an identifiably different way of leading? What structural/institutional/cultural obstacles do women face?  How have women confronted/challenged/altered these obstacles? How are issues relating to women and leadership similar and/or different across cultures? In this course we have the unique opportunity to intermix classroom learning with meetings with real world entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs who are creating systemic change to business and society.

Certification: 2 Core Courses + 1 Elective Course: Complete both Core Courses and the Elective Course to earn the Certificate in Global Leadership for Impact. Want to enrol for only one or two courses? You can!

Length: 2 weeks

Format: 100% online

Model: Courses blend self-paced learning, faculty-led discussions, and workshops with entrepreneurs.

Designed for: Undergraduate and graduate students looking to set themselves apart, learn leading-edge trends of leadership and innovation, engage directly with entrepreneurs, and build a global network. The uniqueness of the courses is the wide range of cultures and backgrounds represented. We welcome:

  • SKEMA undergraduate and graduate students from all SKEMA campuses,
  • Undergraduate and graduate students from around the world, from all majors and minors.

Upcoming courses (2022): Creativity & Design, Social Innovation, Communication & Social Change, Impact-Driven Leadership.

To learn more or proceed with enrolment, submit your interest form or contact Gisa Rollin at

Gisa Rollin, director of admissions
Tel: (+1) (215) 900-4054
Email :

Heather McDougall, Ph.D., program director

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