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Let us connect your company with a talented pool of international business and finance undergraduate and graduate students across our global campuses in Raleigh, France, Brazil, China, and South Africa.  We specialize in globalization, innovation, and digitalization. Our students come from 120 nationalities, are multilingual, and have the global experience, communication and teamwork skills to take on any business challenge. No sponsorship is needed and there are no special hiring requirements for companies as our students are authorized to work on their F1 student visa for 12 months following graduation.

SKEMA USA offers world-renowned, multi-accredited programs in global business administration, international business, and financial markets and investments.

This program prepares students for success in a wide variety of finance jobs. They develop practical expertise in the key areas of finance within the new post-crisis (2008 and today again) financial environment, including trading, risk management, sales, investment advisory, banking management, and sustainable finance.

Ranked 3rd worldwide ("pre-experience masters" category) by The Financial Times, 2020 : 3rd worldwide ("pre-experience masters") and 11th worlwide (1st among the French schools) by Times Higher Education & The Wall Street Journal (2019)

This degree immerses students in the local business environments around the campuses in France, China and the USA, developing future global business leaders with excellent general management and multicultural skills. 

Ranked 1st by MOCI magazine (2020) and 3rd worldwide by The Economist (2019)

Students specialize in areas such as management, business, communication, environment, finance, entrepreneurship, events, biology, and engineering.  They are prepared to become internationally mobile managers and leaders, able to create innovation in a globalized context. 

Ranked 2nd by Le Point newspaper (2021), 2nd by MOCI magazine (2020), 4th by L'Etudiant (2020), and 2nd among four-year BBA degrees by L’Etudiant (2020)

How to recruit SKEMA Talent 

  • Post jobs and internships here.
  • Plan campus recruitment visits (in person or virtual).
  • Attend career fairs (in partnership with North Carolina State University).
  • Give company tours (in person or virtual).
  • Speak at our industry panels & events.
  • Host an industry competition or challenge.

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