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Companies are our principal partners. Their participation at all levels of SKEMA’s activities ensures the programme’s relevance to company needs. Companies contribute to the school’s success at all levels (defining strategy, avenues of research, content of teaching and courses). Recognition for the quality of our programmes is measured by our graduates’ high rate of employability as well as by companies’ satisfaction in our students’ work as interns.

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Programmes and student profiles

 •BBA in Global Management: Admissions requirements: High school baccalaureate - general, technological or professional tracks.

Master in management (Grande Ecole programme): Admissions requirements: High school baccalaureate +2 years of study or high school baccalaureate +3 years of study (Preparatory classes or other state-approved baccalaureates +2/3 years of study).
MSc: Admissions requirements: Students with 3 or 4-year university degrees.  Employed with a 3-year degree and professional experience or a 4-year degree.
Specialised Masters (MS): Admissions requirements: Students with 4 or 5-year degrees. (Business school, engineering school, French university degrees or equivalent foreign degrees.  Employed with a 5-year degree or with a 4-year degree and 3 years’ professional experience or VAE/VAP (professional experience used as equivalence to academic qualification).

Programmes intended for executives and directors of companies in activity

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