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SKEMA's ambition is to be a global business school which, through its research and teaching programmes, trains and educates the talented individuals that 21st century businesses require.
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«With SKEMA, we have created the necessary material and human resources to deliver an educational programme that perfectly reflects the global economic environment. Our goal is to train mobile, adaptable, talented managers who are able to deliver sustainable performance, make a valuable contribution to social, societal and economic debates and challenges, network, work remotely and push the boundaries of knowledge and innovation - managers who are comfortable with, and show respect for, multicultural and social diversity.

Our multi-site, international structure, with sites in Asia, Europe and America, means that we can remain perfectly in tune with our economic environment and the world of international higher education. Our campuses are more than simple satellite training centres. They are located within large, expanding research parks, where cooperation and partnership come together to create the innovations and technologies of the future. Our teaching staff and students enjoy a relationship based on mutual enrichment, with both classroom-based and in-company activities and strong, permanent connections between the different sites, which offer complementary training programmes.
The programmes at SKEMA Business School are aimed at students who want to be part of a globalised training community that is perfectly suited to the challenges of the modern  environment. As graduates of the school, they will go on to work towards a collective goal with a common vision: to create the right conditions for a sustainable knowledge-based economy. As you have seen, your training, success and development in a world of opportunities lies at the very core of the SKEMA development strategy. I give you my personal commitment, on behalf of all the staff at our campuses, to helping you to achieve this goal.»

Alice Guilhon
Dean SKEMA Business School

Practical info

SKEMA campus Lille

Lille campus
Avenue Willy Brandt
59777 Euralille
+33 (0)3 20 21 59 62
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Campus de Skema Paris La Défense

Paris La Défense campus
Pôle Universitaire Léonard De Vinci, Esplanade Mona Lisa - Courbevoie - 92916 Paris La Défense Cedex
+33 (0)1 41 16 74 61
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SKEMA campus Sophia Antipolis

Sophia Antipolis campus
60 rue Dostoïevski
CS 30085
06902 Sophia Antipolis
+33 (0)4 93 95 44 44
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