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Montreal, the school's 8th location in the world

SKEMA established itself in Montreal in 2019 as the school began a strategic shift by putting artificial intelligence at the heart of its new strategic plan (SKY25 for SKEMA YEARS 2020-2025). Global by nature with a strong international presence on 7 campuses and 5 continents, the school has made an obvious choice: Montreal.

Indeed, Montreal has become in a few years one of the reference hubs of Artificial Intelligence. It brings together one of the largest academic communities in the world, attracts the largest technology companies and their research centres and thus promotes the emergence of major innovations in data sciences. As the designated leader of Canada's AI strategy, the metropolis has received more than $500 million in grants to boost the ecosystem by facilitating the linkage of research to the business world. The effervescence of start-ups and high-growth companies is also attracting private financial partners who have invested more than $1.4 billion in venture capital since 2016. The applications can be found in all sectors: commerce, finance, health, environment, transportation, culture and education.  

Role of the Montreal office

Present in Canada through the ‘SKEMA Ecole de gestion’ entity, this new location of the global school is both an AI research center housing data science researchers but also an open door on the Montreal AI and business ecosystem to import best practices or research fields from other continents and put the Montreal ecosystem in contact with SKEMA's international partners. 

This new excellence hub fits perfectly into the Montreal dynamic that stimulates innovation and research through a unique network of partnerships around major industry players, dozens of incubator-accelerators and centres bringing together the most influential researchers in machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning and AI ethics.

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