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Role of the Montreal office

Present in Canada through the ‘SKEMA Ecole de gestion’ entity, this new location of the global school is both an AI research center housing data science researchers but also an open door on the Montreal AI and business ecosystem to import best practices or research fields from other continents and put the Montreal ecosystem in contact with SKEMA's international partners. 

This new excellence hub fits perfectly into the Montreal dynamic that stimulates innovation and research through a unique network of partnerships around major industry players, dozens of incubator-accelerators and centres bringing together the most influential researchers in machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning and AI ethics.

For more information: SKEMA AI activities

SKEMA École de gestion Canada Inc.
400 avenue Atlantic, bureau 500
Montreal, Quebec, H2V 1A5 – Canada
N° d’existence : 1175346759

Madeleine Martins - Alumni & Fundraising Director
Catherine Feuillet – SKEMA CANADA Development Director

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