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The mission of SKEMA Law School for Business, based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, is to offer innovative, international, and interdisciplinary legal education, factoring in ethical and multicultural concern.

It aims at making technology and international business knowledge accessible to law students, preparing them for the future, and contributing to a transformation of the profile of these professionals over the next 20 years.

Students at SKEMA Law School for Business utilise the school's global structure to develop skills related to cultural diversity management, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Additionally, the school aims to ensure teaching, research and extension with a practical approach and a focus on technology.

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  • Stimulate teaching and learning techniques that promote student autonomy and value the connection between theory and practice to solve complex problems.

  • Provide general and humanistic training, allied to an ethical mindset, critical vision, and socio-environmental responsibility.

  • Promote a culture of consensual conflict resolution and develop skills relevant to this task.

  • Develop the ability to work in culturally diverse teams, in person or virtually, in addition to qualification for life and work purposes, besides the exercise of citizenship.

  • Propose permanent reflection on the social responsibility of the law professional as a transforming agent of the environment in which they are inserted, especially in the face of new technologies.

  • Support entrepreneurship and innovation as ways to address social, economic, and environmental challenges.

  • Train professionals capable of communicating in an international environment, with different cultures, experiences and languages, aware and competent to understand the various dimensions of globalisation and the impacts of technologies and assess their correlation with the Law.


Strong connection to new technologies

SKEMA Law School for Business uses its practical and globalised proposal as an impetus for approaches focused on new technologies.

Due to the expansion of the web and technology companies, it is almost impossible to think of an isolated law in itself without a global and interdisciplinary approach. A good example of this new "glocal" reference is the dilemma generated by global data protection regulations. Professionals who deals with this topic need to know the local norms and the norms of other countries or regions, such as the European community.

An aspiring law professional needs to know how to deal with decisions, information, and communication technologies. They are the tools capable of expanding its capacity to act, imposing changes in legislation, and demanding peculiar rules and principles. In addition, they should also be capable of raising new questions for researchers. SKEMA Law School for Business will impact essential knowledge on these aspects.


Academic coordinator

"SKEMA has a unique environment with multiculturalism and ethics as its central values to provide globalised education. It has a true polycentric network. It is a global school that is also a school of Minas Gerais. And in this distinct educational environment, the use of innovative methodologies and the constant search for quality are the norm. It provides incentives for research and social impact, which make knowledge a basis, and practice a daily reality for those who study here."

- Edgar Jacobs, academic coordinator of SKEMA Law School for Business.

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