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Careers by specialisation


SKEMA 's BBA programmes are carefully designed for ​graduates' successful recruitment.

Our employment rate is impressive; graduates find rewarding work with ease.

​Careers: Corporate Finance specialisa​tion

Graduates will be able to work in the finance departments of French or international companies.
Job opportunities: customer service representative; financial analyst; recovery agent; financial consultant; financial controller; credit manager; portfolio manager; payroll manager; auditor, budget controller, trader, financial and administrative manager; risk analyst, audit for the Commissariat aux Comptes



Careers: Marketing spec​ialisation

Studying marketing opens many career opportunities in business and industry; these range from the traditional aspect of communicating the value of products and services which already exist, to launching more innovative and technological products on the market. 

Advertising also offers job possibilities, developing new products, brand management, sales, web marketing and marketing services to name but a few. 

Job opportunities: media planner; head of merchandising; promotion manager; market study manager; marketing director; product manager; direct marketing, brand manager; brand & retail coordinator; web marketer; customer relations manager


Careers: Luxury Brand Management spe​cialisation

This specialisation takes graduates into careers in the fast-expanding luxury and fashion areas. Graduates could move into careers more broadly in communication and marketing too. 

Job opportunities: visual merchandiser, sales, retail manager, communication, marketing, PR, events manager, brand management and strategy.


Careers: Entrepreneurship & Business Administ​ration specialisation

Students learn to manage a business unit or run a whole business. They also learn how to create a new entity whether this be a new branch of an existing company or a completely new enterprise.  

Job opportunities: Company director; start-upper. 



Careers: Global Business sp​ecialisation

Students will occupy managerial positions in companies that are developing abroad, or they may work in an advisory capacity to foreign companies setting up in France.

Job opportunities: export manager; purchasing manager; sales manager, department manager, sector manager; sales executive; export manager; purchasing manager; sales manager, department manager; area manager, sales representative; business manager; client manager; business analyst, entrepreneur, brand manager, sector manager.



Careers: Supply Chain specialisa​tion

Graduates have high potential for recruitment in a wide range of industries and sectors. The field supply chain offers a variety of possible assignments and jobs rangin​g from generalist supply chain management, materials management and project management. Graduates will be able to work in other areas of the business too.

Job opportunities:
Supply chain manager, purchasing manager, projecrt manager, quality manager, business process manager, inventory control specialist, logistics / supply chain analyst.


Careers: Management of Marine Environments spe​cialisation

This specialisation is for those who are passionate about the marine environment. It is largely based on project work and has a strong international component. 

Job opportunities: researcher, aquaculture, marine ethology and ecology 



Careers: Environmental Management speci​alisation

This specialisation leads to jobs in research, or more applied areas such as waste management, conservation and management of natural resources, consulting or contributing to global projects in international organisations.



Careers: Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility

This specialisation leads to managerial positions in sustainable development: audit companies, company SD departments or activities related to issues of development and awareness-raising in the developing world.

The field is almost unlimited, stretching from the world of industry to the banking sector and more.



Careers: Engineering & Innovation Managem​ent specialisation

As well as jobs in research and development, students can also leverage the managerial dimensions of the course, becoming project managers in companies.
With their double profile in engineering and management, students will be able to manage international production units and contribute to research and development departments, enabling new technologies to reach the market.

Careers:  Artificial Intelligence specialisation

For those who have both business and artificial intelligence competences, the future job market is a rewarding and exciting place to be. Artificial intelligence is a rapidly expanding area in business fields and research. The specific jobs are too many to name, but here are a few to get started: data analyst, AI officer, data designer, ethics officer, data protection officer.

Careers: Accounting specialisation

Accounting expertise gives graduates the choice of almost any sector to work in. The job market is always in need of those with knowledge in this area. Possible roles for graduates include: accounting assistant, financial controller, internal auditor, financial analyst, payroll manager and much more.

Careers: E-commerce and Digital Strategy specialisation

Expertise in e-commerce and digital strategy makes for in-demand graduates. Finding rewarding work is relatively easy as the sector is experiencing such rapid expansion and need for employees with these competencies. 

Roles for graduates include: e-business consultant, customer service manager, webmaster, traffic manager, web product manager and much, much more. As a graduate's career develops, so do the possibilities. 

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